This session focuses on the central theme of the conference and requires papers to use a multidisciplinary approach to address key issues on the intersection of oil, energy and sustainable development. By its very nature this topic requires presentations that are balanced in terms of the approaches used by both social scientists and physical scientists to address effectively both the social dimensions and outcomes of the development of oil and energy through various production techniques in both the industrialized and the developing nations where most natural resources such as oil are concentrated. Thus this session should seek to address both the technical and social aspects of oil and energy production and how they impact communities that host the production of both oil and other sources of energy. Panelists may address whether from a social stand point the production of oil and other energy forms is compatible with sustainable development and if not currently the case, if such a goal is practically attainable. That is, is it viable to harness resources for energy and simultaneously protect both the social and physical milieu in which this exploitation occurs? Similarly, can host communities prosper at the rate at which oil and energy companies make profits?

Using the backdrop of devastating and probably the non-sustainable processes past and current oil and other energy production forms, this session should raise and address concerns about the socially undesirable outcomes and how best they can be remedied. Proposed remedies should reflect the often unequal power relations between host communities and even of governments in Africa for instance and multinational oil and energy companies especially in the developing regions where environmental and financial institutions to ensure sustainable exploitation are absent or weak.

This panel encourages papers from different disciplines covering cases from both industrialized as well as developing nations.

Session 03B, 7th July 2015, 13:40-15:25
Moderator: Prof. Toru Sato, University of Tokyo, Japan
Location: Oak suite

Energy from biomass under conditions of sustainability (30 minutes) Abstract

Janis Abolins
Senior Research Fellow
Laboratory of Atmospheric Physics and Photochemistry
Institute of Atomic Physics and Spectroscopy
University of Latvia. Riga


Photovoltaic Panels and Aesthetics Aspects in Architecture (30 minutes) Abstract

Assist Prof. Dr. Hacer MUTLU DANACI
Department of Architecture
Faculty of Fine Arts
Akdeniz University, Antalya


The relationship between energy consumption and occupant behaviour: the role of information and communication technologies in university campus experiences (20 minutes) Abstract

Giulia Sonetti
Dipartimento Interateneo di Scienze
Progetto e Politiche del Territorio (DIST)
Politecnico di Torino e Università di Torino

Bio-sketch -



Session 03C, 7th July 2015, 15:45-17:30
Location: Sycamore suite

Power from Space: Part of a Sustainable Solution? (30 minutes) Abstract

Brent Sherwood
Program Manager
NASA JPL Solar System Mission Formulation
United States


Environmental assessment of coloured fabrics and opportunities for value creation: spin-dyeing versus conventional dyeing of modal fabrics (30 minutes) Abstract

Jim Taylor
Lenzing AG, Lenzing


Sustainable Energy Infrastructure Siting: An Agent Based Approach (20 minutes) Abstract

Zining Yang
Department of Politics and Policy
Claremont Graduate University
United States



Session 03D, 8th July 2015, 9:40-11:25
Moderator: Brent Sherwood, NASA JPL Solar System Mission Formulation, USA
Location: Oak suite

An index to evaluate all of economic, environmental, and social costs: application to power generation technologies (30 minutes) Abstract

Toru Sato, Professor, Ph.D.
Department of Ocean Technology, Policy, and Environment University of Tokyo


Solving economic load dispatch problem in power system for maximum cost saving by using simulated annealing algorithm (20 minutes) Abstract

Manat Boonthienthong
Assistant Professor
Rajamangala University of Technology Phra Nakhon

Household energy demand in Spain: a panel-data analysis (20 minutes) Abstract

Nuria Gómez
Department of Economics and Finance
School of Economics and Business
University of Castilla-La Mancha

Can cities become self-reliant in energy? A technological scenario analysis for Cleveland, Ohio, USA (20 minutes) Abstract

Parbir Grewal
Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
University of California, Berkeley
United States




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