4th International Symposium on Energy Challenges and Mechanics (ECM4)
working on small scales

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Mission Statement
To facilitate a rich exchange of knowledge between academia, industry, and research societies whom seek solutions to address energy challenges worldwide.

Since James Watt, a Scottish inventor, improved the efficiency of steam engine, human civilization relies more and more on a steady energy supply. Today, the world is poised on the brink of two historic energy transformations: replacing oil with electricity in transportation, and replacing high carbon, finite-supply coal and natural gas with renewable wind, solar, marine and biomass energies for electricity production. This symposium is about current state of the art small scale technologies being applied to solve energy challenges.

Interview with our previous speakers

The venue of the symposium is in Aberdeen, Scotland, the Energy Capital of Europe:
Hilton Aberdeen Treetops,161 Springfield Gardens, Aberdeen, AB15 7AQ, United Kingdom

Who should attend?
Attendees include scientists and engineers who solve energy challenges by working at small (micro/nano) scales.



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Aberdeen, Scotland, United Kingdom
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