Closing Speaker:

Michael Kelly

Michael Kelly FRS FREng

Michael Kelly FRS FREng has been the inaugural Prince Philip Professor of Technology at the University of Cambridge since 2002, where his main research interest is in the manufacture of nanostructures. He is also a non-executive director of Laird plc. He was a director of the Cambridge-MIT Institute during 2003-5 and served as Chief Scientific Advisor 2006-9 to the Department for Communities and Local Government with a focus on energy use in buildings. He completed his PhD at Cavendish Laboratory in Cambridge in 1974 and continued research there until joining the GEC plc in 1981 where he led the developed of new generation microwave devices. From 1992-2002 he was Professor of Physics and Electronics at the University of Surrey, including terms as the Head of School of Electronics, Computing and Mathematics, and non-executive director of Surrey Satellite Technology Limited.



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