The following will be arranged into the Parallel sessions defined in the conference technical programme.

Session 01: Shale gas, strategic perspectives

Session 02: Photovoltaics

Session 03: Hydrogen storage and compression

Session 04: Solar Energy

Session 05: Geothermal energy

Session 06: Sustainable energy

Session 07: Energy future

Session 08: Energy and climate

Session 09: Energy policy

Session 10: Bioenergetics

Session 11: Flexible solar cells

Session 12: Thermo-solar systems

Session 13: Multiphysics simulation for energy applications

Session 14: Shale gas, technological perspectives

Session 15: Energy and ecosystems

Session 16: Greenhouse gas control technologies

Session 18: Grid Reliability and Power Transmission Technology

Session 19: Integrating renewable energy to the grid

Session 21: Enhanced oil recovery

Session 22: Renewable energy


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