The following breakout sessions ararranged into the Parallel A, B, C, D, E and F defined in the conference technical programme.

Session 01: Reservoir stimulation and production

Session 02: Lithium ion batteries

Session 03: Energy storage

Session 04: Reservoir simulation

Session 05: Energy and environment

Session 06: Nano-energy

Session 07: Drilling process and technology

Session 08: Information technologies & communication for change

Session 09: Energy conversion and fuels

Session 10: Energy harvesting

Session 12: Material simulation for energy applications

Session 13: Energy and superconductivity

Session 14: Thermal barrier coatings for energy efficient engines

Session 15: Marine and wind energies

Session 17: Bioenergy

Session 21: Subsea integrity and subsea engineering

Session 23: Porous materials and structures for energy applications

Session 24: Numerical and experimental research on the durability of photovoltaic modules

Session 25: Fuel cells

Session 27: New energy vehicles



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